COUTURE STYLING Kerastase is launching a new era of styling

Kérastase inspires new life into hair, inventing glamorous, precise, liberated style.

COUTURE STYLING Reveal the hair’s natural beauty


The art of perfect hair

Caring for the scalp along with nourishing, protecting and enhancing the hair fiber by using amazing formulas has been the Kérastase’s “Art of Perfect Hair”. Mass, shine and movement all start with high-performance products followed by personalized hairstyling.

To advance even further, the brand was able to transcend the very notion of hairstyling and to create a new manifeste that is emotional, sensual and experience-based. “Couture Styling” by Kérastase is the alliance of fusional long-lasting hold and hair that moves freely and feels irrestistible.

For the first time, women are going to have styling that doesn’t stiffen their hair but shapes it so it stays free and moves when they move, with no limitations.

More than just a new styling tool, the Kérastase range is a Style Perfector.


LUIGI MURENU Luigi Murenu's artistic vision

Kérastase chose Luigi Murenu because he is the undisputed master of customized hairstyles that display sophisticated dynamism and a unique look executed with precision. 

Luigi sees styling as an extension of the woman herself rather than just an accessory. He brings out the best in women, transcends their style for beauty that is always unique and never formatted.

Using Kérastase products, Luigi has created personalized allure. 

His work is also based on listening and dialogue, working together with his model.


Reinvented textures

Reinvented textures

Unique technology, light textures and desirable products come together with the personalized approach of the brand’s stylists and the creative energy of Luigi Murenu to usher in a radically

different approach to hairstyling. Kérastase has put its name on reinvented textures that will appeal to even the most demanding women, women that want

to experience their hair as an integral part of who they are.

At the source is a new generation of micronized fixative polymers, a micro-film coating paired with outstanding cosmetic galenics. The brand that offers

an unprecedented feel: with fusional, lasting hold and absolute freedom of movement.

The Science of Micronized Polymers

The Science of Micronized Polymers

After several years of research, L’Oréal Advanced Research gained expert knowledge of micronized polymers. A renewed and ever-evolving vision that enabled the identification of two types of micronized polymers. They adhere so perfectly that offer the most winning hair—sublime, surfaced and completely free…

Precious active ingredients for hairstyles with signature flexibility and gorgeous finesse. And shape memory that registers the desired movement.

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