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Kérastase is in the world’s most sumptuous salons and used by the world’s most prestigious hairdressers, from Paris, New York and London to Milan, Tokyo and Honk Kong…. from Israel, India and Lebanon to Morocco and Australia.
Present in magnificent spaces and used by remarkably talented experts, Kérastase represents the effectiveness of luxury with sophisticated diagnostics and customized care, the ultimate keys to attaining perfection.

Rituals The intensely enjoyable experience that a Kérastase treatment provides is all about refined techniques paired with high-performance hair care ranges.

An exceptional moment

Your Kérastase hair consultant will first conduct a diagnosis to create a customized prescription of the products they will use. Trained in specific, effective techniques, they will then offer you a deep hair transformation within a wellness-promoting environment characterised by the awakening of the senses and deep yet gentle massage to completely relax both body and mind. Whether you're in a hurry or looking for a relaxing escape, your Kérastase hair consultant will find the perfect solution from our ritual categories.

Hair care rituals

  • Sensidote Calming Ritual
    Bath + Soothing scalp treatment +  Hair treatment + Soothing scalp serum + Texturizier. - Duration: 45 min

    This Ritual reduces scalp sensitivity and discomforts, and increases scalp tolerance against external aggressions.

  • Relaxation
    Application of a Bath, Treatment and Texturizer. - 30

    An adapted bath, treatment and texturizer are applied to provide you with a moment of well-being and care.
    Your hair consultant will conduct a diagnosis to determine products suited to you.
    After a relaxing bath, your hair is ready for treatment. Section by section, a meticulous method is used to boost its penetration into the core of the hair.
    When you arrive at the styling chair, a texturizer is then used as a finishing touch for your treatment to create the ultimate beauty transformation.

  • Luxury
    Application of a Bath, 3 Treatments and Texturizer. - Duration: 90 min

    An adapted bath, two treatments and a texturizer are applied to provide you with deep soothing sensation and exceptional care.

    Your hair consultant conducts a diagnosis to create a unique and adapted combination of products.

    Professional technique are used to encourage deep penetration of your hair treatments into the hair fiber and scalp. This is accompanied by a unique Kérastase massage that perfects the performance of the treatment.

    When you arrive at the styling chair, a texturizer is then used as a finishing touch for your treatment to create the ultimate beauty transformation.

  • Balancing
    Bath + scalp deep cleansing treatment + scalp balancing treatment - Duration: 45 min

    This ritual deeply purifies the dermis and regulates sebum production, thus boosting the scalp resistance and vitality.

Scalp care rituals


    Soothing scalp discomforts*
    For sensitive scalp concerns.
    Helps soothe and hydrate the scalp. Hair feels revitalised and supple.
    *Itching soother for 98% of users (self-assessment of 42 volonteers).


    Clinically proven hair-loss efficacy*.
    For hair loss and thinning hair concerns.
    Makes the hair thicker and stronger, recapturing volume, shine, and flexibility.
    *Clinical test on 130 people.


    Scalp purification and lengths hydration.
    For oily scalp and sensitized lengths concerns.
    Intense nourishment of the sensitised area, enhancing a feeling of lightness, softness and shine on the scalp.


    An 8 weeks anti-relapse efficacy*.
    For hair with oily or dry dandruff concerns.
    Purification of the scalp, making it healthier and leaving the hair feeling softer, and lighter.
    *Clinical test on 43 people.

    HEAD SPA RITUAL - 20 MIN - 20

    Wellness and healthy scalp
    For scalp discomforts
    Instant soothing effect for maximum comfort
    And relaxation.

  • Stimulating Ritual
    Bath + scalp stimulating treatment + regenerating scalp treatment + Texturizier. - Duration: 60 min

    This Ritual slows down hair loss and prepares the optimal enviroment for hair growth. 

  • Intense
    Application of a Bath, 2 Treatments and Texturizer - 45 -  - 45

    An adapted bath, two treatments and a texturizer are applied to provide you with  a moment of relaxation and deep care.
    After conducting an in-depth diagnosis, your hair consultant will guide you in selecting the best products.
    The Intense Ritual immerses you in total care for your scalp since both your hair and your scalp are treated. Awakened, your skin will feel sensations that target the five vital body functions (remove).
    When you arrive at the styling chair, a texturizer is then used as a finishing touch for your treatment to create the ultimate beauty transformation.

  • Purifying
    Bath + scalp purifying treatment + scalp balancing treatment + texturizer. - 45 - - 45

    This ritual gently exfoliates and eliminates dandruff, refreshes and regenerates upset scalp

Star Rituals Exceptional treatments offered exclusively at your Kérastase salon



Thanks to the Hair & Scalp Profiler, the Kérastase diagnostic camera that zooms into the hair up to 600 times, hairstylists can create an ultra-precise diagnostic and identify a primary and a secondary need. 

The first corresponds to the condition of the hair and determines the choice of concentrate.

The second, related to the individual woman’s more personal expectations, enables selection of the booster.

After performing this professional hair diagnostic, the hairstylist-advisor will create a customized mix of super concentrated, blended active ingredients, for personalized care designed to instantly and lastingly transform your hair. The Fusio-Dose ritual can be added easily to any Kérastase salon service such as haircoloring, cutting or styling.

Exclusively in Kérastase salons.


Elixir Ultime 24 carats ritual

Duration: 20 min.

Kérastase offers you a truly luxurious experience with its new ritual, the 24-Carat ritual.

This multi-sensory moment rich in ultra-concentrated treatments containing precious oils provides universal benefits of hair beautification: shine, nourishment, protection and resistance. Your stylist will use a wide variety of precious oils to create alchemy by creating a personalized ritual. The jewelry-like precision of the 24-Carat ritual combines customization of treatments with massage techniques for the hair fibre to beautify your hair.



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